How many YouTube views do cellist concerts receive and how to increase them

The cellist is classically trained rockstar who work with his partner, and they try their best to promote their studio album. For this purpose, they want to Auckland in December, and there both of them tried their best to promote their forth studio album score. It is said that they have started their posting to YouTube in 2011 and the basic purpose to start this was the earning of fame. When the cellist has started his work, he was at the age of 30. They have posted their first channel almost six years before.

How many YouTube views do cellist concerts receive?

Many people want to ask that do the cellist find it to be beneficial to do posting on YouTube. Has he enough viewers? Or they have got enough fame that they ever demand or not. You will get the answer to all these questions when you read the following perceptions:

When they have just started their work, they belief of the duo is that they have got enough fame that they have not even thought. They have gained enough attention of the people, and the reason behind is that they have just tried to play the cello in a different way that mostly people have found to be very interesting and their unique style admired the people, and they got the very positive response.

YouTube view

When they have posted their video of “smooth criminal,” it is liked by many people. It is also said that people also love to view this video. Also, they have uploaded their video on the facebook page, and that has also got enough fame.

It has almost 30 million views on YouTube, and they are really satisfied with their performance because they believe that they have done their best and their work is much better than the original artists.

How to increase the views on YouTube?

If you have uploaded a video on a YouTube, it is not necessary that you will always get a positive response, but also you have to do the struggle to have more views. After Google, YouTube is considered as the second largest search engine, and hence, it is found to be the best place to gain the attention of the audience, but one thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to determine the interest of the targeted audience while uploading a video. SocialBoss has the team of experts that will work by your side to help you maintain your higher ranking and help you get more views.

Tips to follow

If you are going to upload a video, for gaining the attention of the audience there are some tips that you must have to follow, some of them are discussed below:

Try to have the best description of the video

Try to focus on the story rather than what is happening in the video. Try to be entertaining and make sure that your video description is not taking the place of the messaging point.

Pick the beneficial tags

You have to pick the tags that will prove to be beneficial for SEO. You have to know that what your targeted audience can search and your keywords that must be used will be according to their search.

Try to add a featured video

Whenever you are going to upload a video on a YouTube, it is important to make sure that on the front page you are uploading a featured video. The reason is that if you upload the video on the organization’s YouTube page, people will be able to see all your current videos. And you will get the benefit as it will help to keep your organization up to date.

Try to choose the best thumbnail

It is said that if you rely on YouTube so that it will automatically choose your thumbnail, it will not look too much interesting. For this purpose, you can use the screenshot feature so that it will take the picture from your video. You can upload this as a thumbnail from the video settings. If you choose the thumbnail by yourself, they are more chances to have the perfect one.

These all are the tips that will prove to be beneficial in getting comparatively more views on YouTube.

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